Concert II


JULY 10 @ 7:30pm

Location: Vieve Gore Concert Hall
inside the Eccles Conservatory at Westminster College

Ysayë: Cello Sonata
Rainer Eudeikis, cello

Kodaly: Cello and Piano Sonata op.4
Rainer Eudeikis, cello // Frank Weinstock, piano

Mahler/Stein: Symphony No.4 for Chamber Ensemble
Alex Martin and Hugh Palmer, violins // Scott Lewis, viola // Andrew Larsen, cello // Jens Tenbroek, double bass // Lisa Byrnes, flute/piccolo // Lissa Stolz, oboe/english horn // Erin Svoboda, clarinet/bass clarinet // Eric Hopkins, percussion // Frank Weinstock, piano // Jed Moss, harmonium // Aubrey McMillan, soprano // Conductor: Rei Hotoda


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