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“Intermezzo is one of the bright spots on Salt Lake City’s musical summer.” Catherine reese newton, Salt Lake Tribune, 2016”

Catherine Reese Newton, Salt Lake Tribune, 2016

“The quality programming is definitely what the audiences come back for, but the surprises Intermezzo throws in also endear the audience to the organization. It isn’t uncommon for the musicians to take the stage to play a romantic sonata, but first launch into a short, unexpected contemporary work, with no warning or explanation. Fortunately, their fans have come to expect a shenanigan or two. Whether it’s having a pizza delivered onstage or organizing a stunt where the horn player falls on his horn and breaks it in the process, Intermezzo isn’t afraid to have fun with their performances.”

Laura Durham, 15 Bytes, 2016

“[Intermezzo] gave a fabulous reading that captured the lyricism and fluid lines… Their playing was cohesive and taut and wonderfully musical.”

Salt Lake Magazine Review, 2015 Season

“[Intermezzo] gave one of the most intuitively verdant and emotionally draining performances of any of Franz Schubert’s compositions that I have ever heard, live or on a recording”

Greg Walz, Artists of Utah

Baigue chose poems from Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass” that ranged from resignation to exultation, and the intimate Vieve Gore Concert Hall was scarcely big enough to contain his exuberance. The selections were so aptly chosen that it seemed as if Porter’s violin and Rollett’s horn were actually singing “Goodbye, my fancy,” the title of the Whitman poem with which the actor introduced the melancholy third movement.”

Catherine Reese Newton, Salt Lake Tribune, 2015 Season, Review of “Words and Music” Performance

“A forceful and virtuosic performance that was vibrant and compelling.”

Ed Reichel on the 2014 Season 

“An excellent illustration of how wide-ranging the genre of Chamber Music can be.”

Catherine Reese Newton, Salt Lake Tribune, on the 2014 Season  

“A remarkably rewarding and scintillating concert”

Deseret News on the 2013 season

“No one needs to remind the people behind the Intermezzo Chamber Music Series that music is supposed to be fun.”

— Salt Lake Tribune on the 2013 Season

“A thoughtful reading that was radiant and gorgeously expressive.”

Reichel Recommends on Dvorak in 2013

“Intermezzo pairs the daring and the familiar.”

Salt Lake Tribune on the 2013 season

“A shimmering account of the work that captured its passion, energy, drama and vitality.”

Deseret News on Dvorak in 2013

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