The Forex Broker Bonus

The Forex Broker Bonus

The Forex Broker Bonus: The Hours Forex Brokers Give You For Being Successful

The Forex Broker Bonus
I’ve been trading currencies for awhile and let me tell you one thing about the Forex broker bonuses right now, there are some kicks in the market!

The best Forex brokers in the world are providing some pretty hefty bonuses to their valued clients as you read this article. Some of the bonuses are Forex tools, coupons and others help with things like customer service and trading on platforms.

The bonus that will benefit you the most is a place to trade your account at $0.10/LDS. But wait, here’s the kick part, remember the words “lts” are “lots”. A trader purchases lotss of the commission prospects depending on the leverage issue. The broker will sell some of this lots to you and as you know, brokers need to have positions just to trade. They are like playing Russian roulette because they can lose millions of dollars!

In theory, since you will still be playing with your broker’s money, they should be playing pretty well. But I doubt they have a lot of leverage as they are handling millions and millions of dollars. If you are trading minimum-sized lot sizes, they will not be able to handle that many lots in comparison to a forex trader who is huge. If I am monopolizing a lot of the trading isn’t that leverage going to help me don’t it? Yes it should be but I have yet to find a broker I like to trade with.

I believe the most difficult time for you should be trying to pick a broker of choice.

I would write a book of all brokers’ insights and experiences. I have traded and interviewed for 20,000 forex brokers and below are some of the insights I’ve found:


Remember, each broker has a whole website about themselves and their company. Read, learn and decide who you want to work with.

Brokers will also know that trading is a profession. They respond to questions and comments whether it’s bullish or bearish. They understand it’s not easy and that’s why trust me, you’ll have to know the work ethic of the broker.

Finally, scalpers can be really irritating. Most times the industry is moving quickly and swamped with people buying and selling in a split second. This is why most brokers are sleepless and take the opposite side of your trades. They don’t like to miss out on stocks or flat boring price action.

Do your research. Check their platforms. Call their support line numbers. This is a big thing. Make sure the broker is top-notch, live and answer your questions – busier than most. You want to work with a broker whose approach and daily execution is second to none.

You ultimately decide if you want to be a scalper or long term trend following trader. But the best route should always be trying to pair up your forex knowledge with the rest of your trading and investment process. 비아그라 처방전 없이 살 수 있나요?

Now that the broker is doing everything they can to assist you, you have a huge decision to make as to how much to trade initially.

How aggressive should you be?

How much time will you spend trading?

Can you handle the volatility?

How much time does it sometimes take to risk?

What is the spread based on?

Do you need daily trading news?

Does the broker do custom software?

How much do they charge per lot?

Do they have training products for no cost?

How much money can you start trading with immediate access to your account?